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Our Sisterhood

When you begin your journey through Theta Alpha, you will begin as a "Ruby" for 40 days. Throughout this time, the active sisters hope that you are growing spiritually, mentally, and socially as you prepare to take your next step into becoming an active member of our sisterhood.

We not only grow with our sisterhood as a whole, but we use what we learn to become involved in other aspects of our campus and our community. Theta Alpha is not something we value for just four years, but also as an alumni, and our future years. We share many things with each other as a sisterhood, and we grow with each other not only as sisters, but emotionally and spiritually as well. Most importantly, we all share a love for Jesus Christ and our mission to glorify him throughout the Orlando area.

Every semester we look forward to welcoming new girls into our sisterhood, and watching them grow with us as Theta Alpha sisters!

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